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Verification defined; undistorted by emotion or personal bias; based on observable phenomena; derived from experiment and observation rather than theory; to determine or test the truth or accuracy of, as by comparison, investigation, or reference; to prove the truth of by presentation of evidence or testimony; substantiate; a confirmation of truth or authority.

NOTE: Definitions offered are in synopsis form. There are many definitions offered by academia, professionals and practitioners. Panoramic research of these “definitions”, for use in this website, includes those versions that directly pertain to our services.

Depending on the scope of work outlined in Step 2 – Sustainable Building Improvements, different methods of “planned verification” will be used. Verification methods can be outlined in the improvements proposal and confirm the work was done as proposed. In many cases 3rd party verification will be performed, maintaining the integrity of the work and confirming the desired results. The work is not done until it is verified. These are some of the verification methods used:

•  Building official inspections
•  Certified Industrial Hygienist air testing and sampling
•  Panoramic air testing and sampling
•  Air flow test and balance
•  Project architect, engineer and consultant inspection
•  Equipment operations test run
•  Panoramic staff visual inspection
•  Client visual inspection

Panoramic includes “planned verification” in all it’s building improvements projects. It could be as simple as visual inspection to Certified Industrial Hygienist air testing and sampling. Regardless of the verification methods used, you can be secure that it is documented. But we’re still not done……

A close out manual will be provided detailing the work. Included will be all pertinent material specifications, equipment literature, warranties, maintenance plans, test and balance data, air testing and sampling results, signed off permits and as built drawings. After delivery of the close out manual, the job is now done.

“Planned verification” as outlined in the building improvements proposal, before the work begins, provides our clients a known methodology for measuring Panoramic’s work.

Step 1 Building Diagnostics, Step 2 Sustainable Building Improvements, Step 3 Verification!