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Sustainable defined; To keep up competently; To keep in existence; maintain; To bear up under; withstand; To undergo, experience, endure without giving way or yielding; to keep up or keep going, as an action or process.

NOTE: Definitions offered are in synopsis form. There are many definitions offered by academia, professionals and practitioners. Panoramic research of these “definitions”, for use in this website, includes those versions that directly pertain to our services.

Sustainable Indoor Air Quality / Mechanical systems – This can be achieved provided the building spaces and it’s overall use is not significantly changed. The building will be improved to provide acceptable Indoor Air Quality. Proper temperature and humidity, quantifiable air sampling data, and occupant perception are taken into account. It’s important to note that elevated moisture and humidity levels within the building over time will cause buildings to degrade, which will create health and liability issues for their owners. Panoramic’s building improvements will correct the source(s) of problems. Buildings will be made to perform without unacceptable moisture intrusion and humidity levels. Improvements can be sustained with proper maintenance.

Sustainable Building Envelopes (exterior) – This also can be achieved. Improvements needed due to moisture intrusion from the roof, windows, building components, wall systems in some cases are apparent and become construction repairs. In other cases these moisture intrusion problems go unnoticed. This is problematic because mold growth will occur. Depending on the location in the building, the amount of damage and type(s) / counts of mold contamination, improvements become more complex. Remediation and then construction may be necessary.

Sustainable Architectural Design / Use / Compliance – Although this is difficult to achieve sustainability in these areas over a building’s lifecycle due to change, it can be done to current standards. Building improvements will be done with sustainable materials and techniques but change, in most cases, cannot be accounted for. Panoramic will make the improvements as dictated by the building diagnostic, updated information, regulatory authority requirements, guidelines, and industry standards.

Building improvements made, will be as sustainable as possible. Because Panoramic addresses the cause(s) of the problems, improvements will be sustained (with the above exceptions). The owners then only need to perform upkeep and maintenance.

The key to making sustainable improvements is Panoramic’s analytical building diagnostics, Step 1 in Panoramic’s process. Panoramic will perform sustainable building improvements “turn key”, including all administration and trades.

Step 1 Building Diagnostics, Step 2 Sustainable Building Improvements, Step 3 Verification!