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Building diagnostics defined; is a holistic process of data collection regarding conditions, detection and analysis of faults / abnormality / defects in building materials and fabrics. The end product of building diagnostics is a prediction of the likely causes of the found defects / faults in the building and suggestion of appropriate remedial actions. Building diagnostics is not an exact science. Very often, final professional judgment is still required. It is important that this final judgment can only be made after careful diagnostic process has been properly performed. Otherwise the prediction can only be regarded as a wild guess.

NOTE: Definitions offered are in synopsis form. There are many definitions offered by academia, professionals and practitioners. Panoramic research of these “definitions”, for use in this website, includes those versions that directly pertain to our services.

Panoramic’s analytical building diagnostics can be customized to fit any property, budget or need. The diagnostics provides clarity, structure and a clear path to sustainable building improvements, Step 2 of Panoramic’s process.

Our initial courtesy walk through your building and interview of your staff will give us a significant amount of information about the building. During the interview phase we will want to know your concerns, goals and expectations. These are some of the other considerations and questions that may apply to your property:

•  Is the building energy efficient?
•  Is the building properly ventilated?
•  Do the mechanical systems provide acceptable Indoor Air Quality?
•  Why is there mold growing?
•  Why is the building damp?
•  Is the building in compliance with all regulatory authorities?
•  Is the building appealing / marketable?
•  Is the building sustainable (i.e. if it is properly maintained, it will not degrade)?
•  Does the building / spaces function as desired?
•  Is the building safe, do I have liability exposure?
•  Are your customer satisfaction standards met?
•  Are the customers satisfied?
•  Are you considering “Greening” your building?

This introduction phase will enable Panoramic to establish a building diagnostics scope and then, offer a building diagnostics proposal. Upon acceptance, a team of professionals will be chosen for your property. Detailed field discovery is performed, information is gathered and quantifiable data collected. The team will make decisions on what sustainable building performance solutions are needed and report their findings, but we don’t stop there………

Panoramic is unique in that we provide, with the building diagnostic report, a budget and outline for improvements for what is minimally required to address any work dictated by the report. Then we can actually perform the work “turn key”, including all administration and trades, Step 2 of Panoramic’s process.

Step 1 Building Diagnostics, Step 2 Sustainable Building Improvements, Step 3 Verification!