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Panoramic Mechanical Diagnostic Reports

Included in all building diagnostic reports. This report is focused on poor mechanical system performance. Usually this report is needed when there are known problems in the building such as; Indoor Air Quality / mold, thermal comfort (temperature and humidity), poor energy efficiency, excess humidity / moisture, building pressurization, lack of control. All mechanical diagnostic reports are done with Panoramic actually making the improvements, to be recommended, in mind. This greatly improves the quality of the report. The building is studied holistically, the building, it’s occupants and the mechanical equipment interact, they must be made to operate as a whole. We offer a “treatment” for our diagnosis, i.e. sustainable solutions. Panoramic is unique in that we provide, with the mechanical diagnostic report, a budget and outline for what is minimally required to address any work dictated by the report. The report can be used for green building projects as well.

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