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If you suspect you have Indoor Air Quality problems in your building, you probably do. The question is “What do you do?”, “Where do you start?”, “Who do you call?”

Unfortunately, too often, poor Indoor Air Quality symptoms are the focus, not the cause(s). In most cases once contamination becomes visible, staff attempts to clean it, only to have it return. Covering musty odors with some sort of deodorizer can be even more problematic. It gives staff false confidence that everything is okay, because it smells good.

We must ask the questions…
If contamination is visible, how did it get there?
If there is an odor, where is it coming from?
How do I keep the problems from returning?

It’s extremely important to attack Indoor Air Quality problems by identifying their source, through proper building diagnostics. If you identify the source of a problem, and then fix it, it can’t return. It is also important to consider that a building functions as a whole, it interacts with itself and the occupants, which is why it must be looked at as a whole.

Since there are many different causes and problem sources when dealing with poor Indoor Air Quality, wouldn’t it be prudent to hire a firm that’s capable of handling any source or any problem? Panoramic’s building diagnostic, is Step One in our process of fixing buildings. Our process allows conditions at the property to dictate what needs to be done to improve the building’s performance. Information and quantifiable data must be collected so we can make informed recommendations, as needed.

Our building diagnostic analytical approach has evolved over the years. We balance the analytical data with team experience and common sense, resulting in a unique and fluid culture at Panoramic. No single professional or approach will take precedent over the other in our process. We don’t offer any single service, or restricted group of services. Our approach is universal and holistic so we can provide sustainable solutions for Indoor Air Quality problems.

Science, teamwork and creativity!